Who is Damon Macon

Damon Macon is the CEO of We Run It
Records that's based in Indianapolis, IN. I am
also a artist aka "D Mac"

Describe your style of music?

My style of music is Hip Hop/ R&B but I'm a
fan of all music

What should people expect from your
upcoming projects?

We have more hot Hip Hop/ R&B projects that
will feature tracks by our producer "Yogi"
aka Y Beats. You should expect a wide range
of styles and new sounds.
2012 - 2013 will be full of new music from
our camp so be ready!

Do you feel like your music will change the
future of hip-hop?

I feel that my music can help hip-hop for the
better. The past few years I have discovered
more avenues to release music out side of
the normal pressing CDs to sell on the
streets and on line. There are several
companies that will submit our independent
music to be used in movies and
commercials. One of my latest is my song
titled"You Ain't Hard" that's featured in the
movie "Blood Out" staring "50 Cent".

Is there anything you would like our readers
to know?

Be on the lookout for more music to be
released by We Run It Records. Also check
out the movie titled “Left In Darkness” that
features my song “Weekend” that’s now
showing on the Chiller channel.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Indianapolis, In and attended
Arlington High School

How long have you been in the game?

Ive been in the music game for a little over 20

Can you see you doing music for the rest of
your life?

Yes, music is timeless and its not really hard
on you as long as you take care of your self.
Music is part of the reason that God put me

Can you see your self as a role model to the
younger Hip Hop crowd?

Yes, I can see myself helping in this area but
I think that the true role models start at home.

What are your views on how some of theses
major labels are treating the independent
artist now a days?

If it’s a good deal and the major label ain't
pimping the artist then it could be a good

How do you see your music effecting the
current state of Hip Hop?

I try to stay ahead of the game and not just
settle with trying to sound like what’s hot.
We have around 400 unreleased songs that
can be put out at any time and I don’t plan on
stopping anytime soon. I feel that my sound
as well as some of the other Indianapolis
artist can help put our city on the map with
our true mid west sound.

What will the future be like for Damon

I plan on growing my label by adding new
hungry artist as well as putting out our
current acts. We have a music and drum
school that’s ran by Hollis “Yogi” Ford that
we are getting off the ground to teach
students of all ages how to play percussion
and how to write songs.
I am also in the process of submitting more
music to be placed in movies and TV shows
world wide.

Last but not least, HYPE wants to
know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they
do that at?!” moment…

One moment that I can think of is when I was
in Hollywood. It was tripped out how many
street performers were out on the sidewalks
making money by dancing, singing and
whatever else they could come up with. One
street act in particular was a father and
daughter that walked up, set up a keyboard
and a microphone and started performing
out the blue. They made about $100 in a few
minutes. Only in Hollywood .
Posted  by The Hype Magazine
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